KODEX is premium IT technology service provider. Our goal is to provide top notch solutions to fit our client’s needs and desires.


We believe in impeccable result that is achieved by focusing on what we do best – an increase in competitive advantage by cooperation with field professional. Therefore, the ability to acquire most appropriate services is a cornerstone to a successful business venture.




KODEX has outstanding creative and technical expertise to insure innovative technological solutions, achieve desired business targets, and increase ROI.




KODEX is a development agency. Our work ethics revolve around creation. We live in a very dynamic time that requires constant evolvement. We upgraded ourselves as individuals, we grow and better ourselves as a team and the same philosophy is applied to our services. At the end of the day we want to help our client grow.



Research & Planning

It all starts with an in-depth understanding of our client’s business targets. A well-devised strategy is essential to a successful business venture.




KODEX production process is centered on business development. Finding the perfect synergy for digital tools within company’s marketing mix, impeccable quality and timely delivery are the fundamental values of our agency.



Ideal match for high-yield result

Finding the right chemistry between our talent and client’s needs is essential to all aspects of a rewarding cooperation.

Management Board